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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  November 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the cavs and the indians, we're so proud of you. and good job at one of the best world sheers that we have ever seen. can you believe it is november -- it is light jacket weather out there. people are enjoying it before the snow. >> that is a bad word. i don't think we'll see this too soon. but here is what we'll see, perhaps some frost this morning, especially south of town. if you're waking up with us in
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neck of the woods and 40s close to lake ashtabula and upper 30s and winds out of the south. and not doing a lot there. we're dry right now. and that is the way we stay from the 9:00 hour through lunchtime and afterwards. looking for highs today in the low and mid-60s. tomorrow looking equally nice and we're even warmer by monday. but here's the deal, i want you to get out and vote now because on tuesday, there's a chance for some rain showers. we'll talk about if that it will it voting precincts coming up in the next couple minutes. that is our important civil duty. thank you. left night in cleveland, a star-studded push to get out the votejay-z and bea beyonce
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and here is more from the wolfseenseen center. >> reporter: this brought star power and other surprise artists. the point, crystal clear to get people to the polls, especially black americans. a lot of people have turned out for the hillary clinton event. and the question is if it going to impact turnout on election day. so i went around in the places that we could report and just asked, what do you think? will you tell other people to vote? >> i think it is great. i think it will be great people out again this year for the election. and i think it is great that we're doing it here in cleveland. >> with jay-z supporting hillary, and have a good time.
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this will make a difference, though? >> why not? yes. people are probably voting today. >> young ger ones don't real -- younger ones don't really know any better. they may vote for a third party or a write-in. if they come here, they can learn a little bit and make the >> to days before the election, and hillary clinton will campaign with lebron james in cleveland. he endorsed clinton last month. and it will be a public get out and vote event on sunday. and clinton will lay out the plan to create an economy to works for everyone, not just for the people on the top. in pennsylvania, trump took a swipe at clinton's celebrity concert saying that he doesn't
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arena. and he said that president obama yelled at a protester at his rally on friday. and trump asked his supporters to get out and vote on tuesday. >> that is why we cannot do making it is going to stop it. we have to get out. pennsylvania, you are so important. everyone talks. pennsylvania, if you win pennsylvania. if you win pennsylvania, you're going to win. pennsylvania. >> trump is not taking the final week campaigning. today he's scheduled in florida, north carolina, nevada and colorado. election day is just days away. and with all the anticipation, sometime comes minor mistakes. jasmine monroe is here this morning with tips that you can take before you hit the polls. >> reporter: imagine that. voting for the wrong person. you definitely don't want to do that so when you go to the polls, we have a chance it figure out some things that you want to take a look at before
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some voters around the country have been turned away from the polls a report not having a pleasant experience because of a few things they overlooked. we sat down with georgia's director of elections steve harvey. he said that the number one mistake is voters showing up at the wrong polling place. >> if they are talking with their family members and they say i voted for library and they wait on election day, they'll probably go to a different lotion. >> repor m you're properly dressed to vote. hillary clinton ponytail holders, trump earrings and gary johnson characters are not allowed. the intention to is remove any undue influence. >> polling place is a special place t is where we go to exercise one of our most important rights. and i think it is great that
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sank. >> reporter: and don't estimate the time will go through the ballot. >> i'm voting for president and they don't realize that you have a lot of other people on the ballot and issues on the ballot. and they need to cast their vote for all of those things. >> reporter: you can bring in but no electronic devices allowed in the polling location. and number four, waiting to notify poll workers of a problem. >> if you have a problem with the machine or confused, you can raise your hand and get the attention of a poll worker as long as you have not cast your ballot. as soon as you hit the cast ballot button, you have cast your vote. >> reporter: and be on time to vote. you can avoid the long lines.
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didn't inside the vote shall -- selfie inside the voting booth. >> yes that is not allowed either. to the developing news, the man accused of murdering three people at a warrensville heights barbershop has been found guilty. douglas shine went into the business and gunned down the owner, an employee and a customer. and now the jury will decide if he gets the in columbus, a mother has been charged with manslaughter after allegedly rolling over her baby in her sleep. 24-year-old danielle dutch was indicted on several charges, including involuntary manslaughter. the two-month-old boy died from suffocation. the police said that the mother was under the influence of a generic form of xanax and possibly methamphetamines at the time of the baby's death.
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huge employee cuts right before the holiday season. and worried about how the bird will turn out for your family at thanksgiving? we'll have the tip line to make sure that things go as smoothly
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cvs has announced it will let goaf hundreds of employees in the next two months. 600 employees are located the corporate facilities. they call it an effort to save money and better serve costumers. cvs health employees 240,000 people across the u.s. it will be a busier
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nation's airports. an estimated 23.3 million people will fly on domestic airlines that is up two and a half persons from last year. trip advisor announced america's most popular fall attraction based on the greatest increase over the year over year search activities. trip advisor this year's top trending autumn attraction is york city. it is two cascades into two pools. trip advisor said that fort sumter and national monument in charleston, north carolina is the second top trending attraction followed by scottsdale, arizona. it's november and that means the holidays are around the corner for those needing
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turkey. butterball is just a text away for thanksgiving. the butterball's turkey talk line is opening today. and now consumer cans text the cooking -- consumers can text their questions 24/7. and now you can text them now through christmas eve. we're working to keep from especially with kids are involved. how young is too young and how much screen time is too much? take a breath. we have your back. >> reporter: she'll search things like. >> gymnastics and ballet r and turn what she watches on her ipad into toe points and twirls. if six-year-old presley would spend ten hours a day staring at a screen. the first grader uses
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classroom where assignments are now done on line. >> too much screen time is definitely a thing. >> reporter: mom is working to find the balance. >> she knows how to work the dvr. she upped our our by $30. and she wanted to watch tv and the ipad at the same time and we had to create boundaries for her. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatric suggest use make -- suggest that you do the same. and make the bedroom screen free and monitor your own use of technology. you want to limit the time they watch videos and avoid technology for children under 2 years old. >> it is a privilege. the ipad is usually the first thing that we try to take away. >> >> i just try to find it. >> reporter: she shows us mom's go to hiding spot.
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technology can lead to health problems like eye strain, attention problemses obesity. but when done safely, get ready parents. >> she's learned different languages. >> reporter: the kids may each you a thing or two. no need to be overwhelmed today. just ahead, we'll check in with greg and new gadgets just in time for the holiday season. have you ever wondered what birth control? we get answers on why the contraceptive is not yet available. and here's michael with a check of that forecast. it's a good looking day in northeast ohio and through the country. if you have travel plans in the south, the temperatures in the 80s. and 80s in the west coast and portland at 56 with rain and when will we see the rain? perhaps sooner than later. and we'll talk about when
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just after apple's big announcement last week, now mack is trying to steal the show and now there is another eco-friendly product for your house. >> reporter: good morning. i'm greg it is your mond morning geek fest. apple announced the new mack update this week. but it was micorsoft that stole the show with something called a surface studio. it is a huge single monitor computer that is touch sensitive and it comes with some pretty cool tools, like this click we'll that has a mouse and interaction with the screen. the price for this?
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take some apple fans and turn them over to micorsoft. and look at these nice houses released earlier in the week what is different about these? the roofs or the shingles on them. tesla has evented solar shingles and they can power the people without needing electricity from any other if idea how much it will cost yet. can you imagine with homes being built with solar paneled shingles in the future. and that is a company made for self driven semi trucks made made a budweiser run. there was a person inside the
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wheel. the delivery was successful. incredible. go tribe. greg with his finger on the pulse all the time. we talked about him having weather on the run during the we can day show. and runs to show what you it will look like. >> and what do we do? we were talking about, grab something eat get sweet. >> it is national doughnut day. >> that is what i heard. >> we're on again 9:00 to 10:00. >> and we're going to be participating in all of that glory for sure. but here's what it looks like for all of us. we're. >> in the glory of the sunshine this afternoon. it will be the sunshine that eventually warms up the chilly temperatures this morning into the upper 50s and low 60s later on this afternoon.
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elyria to 35 degrees. we're literally at that freezing mark. wooster and wayne county. and our friends in akron and canton and we're in the 40s closer to the lake. and the winds not a huge issue this morning from the southwest five to ten miles an hour. and we're dry right now and one of the reasons for it is the high pressure off to the chicago land area. keeping thins nice and dry for the -- things nice and dry for the buckeye only through the afternoon today but also tomorrow. so let's walk each and every hour now from now to lunchtime and it looks wonderful. a cooler start this morning so if you're going to head out the door, i suggest a light jacket. the 5:00 hour and beyond, a great looking night if you're thinking about doing dinner on the back porch or running to your favorite restaurant. if you plan to sit outside,
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and tomorrow morning, off to worship services, a great looking start and don't forget the sunglasses and perhaps the sunscreen. and tomorrow afternoon if you plan to spend and extended amount of time outside. today, the temperatures low to mid-60s for the highs. tonight we drop into the 40ss. so chilly, yes. but freezing cool, no. window nation 7-day forecast looks like this. tomorrow, again, the temperatures back in the 60s. to the workweek and then of course election day is on tuesday. hundreds of thousands of people going to be out voting. i think that tuesday morning and afternoon look good. tuesday evening and the early wednesday that is when we bring in our next hot for a couple of showers and did not forget. as a reminder here when the clock strikes 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, you want to roll back your clocks an hour
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so for most of us, this is what this means, an extra hour of sleep. and it will feel so good, especially if you're an early riser and week warrior and you have to be up at a certain time, that extra hour, only 60 minutes, but that is like a gift. >> right. >> it is like a miracle performd when you get that extra hour. >> if only children daylight-saving time. >> >> a feeling that 6:00 a.m. wakeup time will be 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. thank you. all right. reliable male birth control exists. but research was halted after the participants apparently could not handle the symptoms
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every day. >> reporter: in the u.s. most women have used some kind of birth control, 98%. but it seems that the men will not share in the burden. they are not strong enough. millions of women in the u.s. live with the side effects of birth control. but it seems that men are not willing to. here at remix in and women perform at the same level. but when it comes to pain, most agree that the women are better equipped. >> men felt they were a little stronger and could handle things better than women that is absolutely not true. >> reporter: a 2008 study on a male birth control shot ended early after men started taking
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and it had a 96% effective rate. but they had to abeen downed the study -- abandoned the study because most couples dropped out. men, more research is needed. >> i would probably drop out if i started gaining weight and having mood swings. >> it is amazing to me that the men cannot handle a tiny bit of what we good to on a day-to-day to the woman that is not necessarily right and fair. but that is a way that a lot of guys look at it. >> reporter: but guys may look at it differently if they had to get pregnant. thanks to the number that complained and dropped out of the study, it will not be
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the man accused of killing three people in a local barbershop is convicted by a jury and waits to learn his fate. much more on your local
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the man accused of murdering three people at a warrensville heights barbershop has been found guilt at this time. the police said that he went into the business and gunned down the owner, an employee and a customer. and joe the jury will decide if he should get the death penalty. jay-z and beyonce joined hillary clinton last night.
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next to lebron james at tomorrow's get out and vote event. and donald trump is the top topic at one pet store. this bird's hairdo looks like the republican presidential candidate. so we t will vote. >> that is a little truck like. >> it has the brushed over golden look to his hair. >> we'll have to ask the bird how he does that on a daily basis. that is the big question. >> that is true. i like it and one thing i also like, my gosh, the weather yesterday, amazing. i will have to gone the good
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to lake erie, it will be beautiful to start off your weekend. temperatures, despite it being a little chilly, especially in wayne county at 32 and also in the 30s in akron and canton, we're in the 40s closer to the lake. and fog an issue in wayne, holmes county and tuscarora county. so look out for that. the rest of us, it is easy and breezy and beautiful. we're not tracking any rainfall right now an any rainfall through the day today. the temperatures making it to 62 degrees. but you're looking. in the background is the cuyahoga valley national park, a gorgeous place to go to and get some stress out if you've been clobbered with way too much work. it is a great place to go.
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issue this upcoming workweek. and we'll talk about the timeline and when we expect that to move in. in the meantime, let us soak up the sunshine. >> yes. a lot of week things to do. still ahead this morning, we hear from dave how the buckeyes will match up for the big ten showdown at the shoe later tonight. and ways to safe. and matt and i took at a modern humidifier and all the pluses it offers for
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. good morning am we're getting set for a big college football saturday. a big one tonight in columbus, ohio state versus nebraska, finally a big ten prime time showdown at home for ohio state. both teams 7-16789 and the last
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for ohio state. they beat northwestern last saturday. and this is the first meeting for them since 2012. ohio state little very much alive for the championship for the playoffs. but they cannot lose again. >> i think the last time we played themes with the first -- them the first year and the country will be peeking in on that one because they are all top ten teams. it will be a busy weekend. >> and it will be busy as well. the browns host the cowboys. it was a fun october talking baseball. and now we're just talking about who is going to start at quarterback for the browns? and the answer is tone yes
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decision -- the coach announced the decision last week. the cowboy's rookie starter is 6-1. and kessler has yet to play with corey coleman. he started after coleman got hurt. but the rookie is set to return tomorrow. he not played since week two when they played the ravens. >> everything is perfect. and i'm excited to get back out with the guys. i know they have been working extremely hard to try to get a win. and i'm happy to get back out there and to help them out. and let's talk the indians.
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option, and cocoa crisp will be a free agent and they hope to have davis and naply back. and the cubs were celebrating a parade in chicago. they're excited about what lies ahead, the experience they gained and the bulk of their roster returning. and the revenue generated in the playoffs should help. but don't look for any big agent flash. this one will sting for a while. >> there are a range of emotions feeling there. the spain there. i'm not certain that is something that will go away soon. we all desperately wanted to win that last game but it will not overshadow the pride that we feel and the grit and perseverance they showed through the course of the
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play on the road in philadelphia. and the next big moment is in washington d.c. next thursday, the same day they play baltimore, they will visit the white house. and president obama will welcome the 2016nba champs for a congratulations, a tradition for many leagues. the cavs play the wizards next week. and we'll see if the cavs remain unbeaten. lebron looks good. he might be i think that is a big goal for lebron, the mvp, not just another championship. we hope you have a great weekend, everybody. week nine of fan cave and we get ready for the browns and the cowboys and we say cheer to the indians' incredible run for the world series. this is a bar and mini museum in cooperstown and we
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back to the early 1900s. >> reporter: i love this. and we celebrate the game of baseball. how long did it take you to put all of this together, including the bar? >> about 20 years. i tarted playing when -- started playing when i was 45 in a senior division. and build all of this to have all the guys over after the game. >> reporter: i love these bats. what are they. >> collection of players from the 1950s, 1960s, some from the 20s. i like it is real baseball. i got a habit of picking them up. it got a little out of control here. >> reporter: and youlike at the
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memorabilia and newspapers down here. it is is a museum here. >> is what people say. i change the walls every once in a while. >> reporter: it's been a great year for indians baseball. and now you get to be my browns expert this week. browns and what do you think? we're only 110 days away from spring train. cowboys 110, browns zero. i don't know if that is going to happen. but we'll see. we better drink to the indians' success. >> here's to the tribe.
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maybe this morning you're stressed out. and matt is going to help with us this magical potion. >> is it looks like a giant hershey kiss. >> i have seen vases at stores that look like this. >> and what it does is on its own t is a four in one. calm, cool and collected. there's nothing stressing us other than election week right now, the ratings period. everything is going to be okay because of this this is something that you asked know taste this is great for your
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enhancer. you don't need to use in the led mode. hugely well rated and rare to see items that are this strong tied to a product like this it is under $30. depending on when you go to, it may inch up. and my dominique puts it to the test. >> it helps me fall asleep. and you know i have trouble falling sleep. and one of my favorite parts of this is the colors are amazing. you have red, orange, blue, purple, yellow and so on. and another thing that is helpful is the in any event changer. it allows to you control the axe mist. and the last thing is the time changer. it will allow to you pick how long you want this to go on. >> a lot of benefits on this
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aspect it is a great grab on >> just in time for cold and flu season when we're all going to be stuffed up. >> you asked me a really good question today, the aroma therapy aspect. >> did you just put essential oils in there? >> you can yes. >> toss it maybes your shall house smell better too. >> i am snore less according to my wife. >> it does help you breathe better. >> this is going to fly off the shelf. >> are you going to take a nap? >> yes. >> thank you very much. if you're going to head out
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soul fusion fest this weekend it looks beautiful. the temperatures are in the 50s. this is what your day looks like in the next 24 hours. a chilly start this morning. a lot of us in the 30s and the 40s. but the sunshine later on this afternoon that will feel wonderful. it will warm the temperatures in upper 50s and low 60s. that is after starting off near freezing in some spots and down in wooster and wayne county and waking up to 32 degrees and only 37 in akron the winds generally from the south as we speak. but we're nice and dry. so the rain not going to be an issue. this is compliments of the high pressure off to the west as we talked about before. a big fancy word here is is the sinking in the atmosphere. and we'll call it sunny, cool
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in the mid-50s by that point before topping out in the upper 50s and low 60s later on this afternoon. if you plan to head out and about and going to be outside for an extended period of time, grab the sunscreen. join it for tomorrow. and starting off your sunday morning as you head out the door. sunday afternoon, the temperatures back in the mid- 50s. forecast today, a lot sunshine. the temperatures low to mid-60s with the highs and the overnight lows falling into the 40s under mostly clear skies. the window nation 7-day forecast showing you the temperatures in the low to mid- 60s and mid-60s on monday and tuesday, just in time for election day, i think it looks good. so heading to the polls early in the morning look good and perhaps even after work. i think on tuesday look good. but tuesday night into early on
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so try to get your voting in and it done early. and there's a couple of voting precincts that you actually early vote. and we'll certainly suggest t the last thing you want to do is head out to your voting precinct and it start raining. >> right. >> at the election day is big t is un believable that we have 60 -- unbelievable 60 degrees. >> thanksgiving. >> it doesn't feel like the holidays and people are getting geared up. >> christmas is just around the corner and thanksgiving just a couple weeks away. can't wait to fill my tummy with good food. we'll be right back with a bet from cedar point.
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. a bet is a bell and we know several people had bets on who would win the world series. so why would cedar point not do the same. but they lost. and the ride known as the top thrill dragster will be named the top shrill cub sister sters just for the weekend. you can see it on "youtube" if you want to keep reliving the pain. you have to be happy. both team were amazing. it was the most series that i know i've seen if a long time. >> oh, yeah. >> if it wasn't going to be us, then good for the cubs. >> i was downtown for the game
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i loved it. thank you very much, tribe for that and congratulations chicago. the temperatures in the low 60s, a beautiful day lined up for us today. >> we'll see you back here in
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good morning. three days to go. time running out for hillary clinton and donald trump to make their cases to the american people. clinton using serious star power. ?? >> trump sg the help. he's happy to go it ale. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jay-z. >> both using different strategies for the campaign trail. grisly find. the police find a body on the property of the man accused of kidnapping and chaining a woman on his property in a storage


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